Payment Terms

Payment: Total amount or only the deposit can be paid after the online order has been completed and sent by bank transfer to the account listed in the email with the order summary or in the contacts.

You can also choose to pay 50% deposit in your order. The remaining amount can be paid either by transfer or in cash on the spot.
Please note: At the guesthouse it is not possible to pay by the credit card.

After payment of the amount or the selected deposit, our confirmation email with the status of the order ( booking ) "Confirmed" is sent.
In the event of a non-payment of an order or a deposit (payment not paid to our account) until the deadline for payment of the deposit in our email with a summary of the order, this booking is canceled automatically and the order status is changed to "Canceled".
Up to the date of payment of the deposit, the room is 100% blocked exactly according to the order. For more information, see our Help and FAQ. Or you can contact us for further questions.

Terms and cancellation fees (valid also when purchasing a voucher)
See also our Help and FAQ.

Cancellation of confirmed reservation:

WARNING: The reservation / stay can be changed only after an agreement with the operator 14 days before the start of the stay, if this is technically possible.When shortening the length of stay, cancellation fees apply too.The landlord reserves the right to cancel the stay without giving any reason, but not later than 14 days prior to arrival.

Cancel fees:

60 days before boarding - 0 CZK
59-30 days before arrival - 25% of the total price of the stay (reduced by VAT)
29 - 14 days before arrival - 50% of the total price of the stay (less VAT)
13 - 6 days before arrival - 75% of the total price of the stay (less VAT)Up to 4 days before boarding: unfortunately we can not refund you any money.(if a voucher has been purchased through an intermediary, the commission will be deducted)

Other conditions:
Cancellation of a voucher reservation:
14-0 days prior to boarding, the lessee has the exclusive right to mark the voucher for the claim.

By purchasing a residence or a voucher, the client gives his / her consent to the price list and the conditions of the U Kindl pension.
By accepting the "Order Confirmation" button or by checking the "I agree with the terms" field in our web order form at www.krosnov.com, the customer (customer, customer) agrees with the terms of the service provider listed on this site and confirms and agrees with this agreement, he or she first learned of this offer or action and of the provider himself from this service provider's site at www.krosnov.cz and ordered / ordered services at the accommodation provider only on the basis of this offer by the service provider at www.krosnov.cz.
We do not ask you to contact us for further questions.
Thank you for your understanding