Reservation help

Is my room definitely blocked after my booking? How long?    Yes. The room is for you automatically blocked in the deadline for the payment of the deposit. See instructions in our email with the confirmation and summary of your order (reservation).
With our reservation, you can be absolutely sure, that your room is automatically and immediately blocked for you in our system exactly according to your order.
After sending your order, you will immediately receive our email confirmation of the room lock and the instructions and the deadline for payment of the deposit by bank transfer.
It is no longer necessary to verify the reservation (by phone).

Can I cancel or change a booking (reservation)?

What is a non-binding reservation?

  You will receive our confirmation automatically within one minute by email from completion and sending of your order. Then you only have to pay the deposit.
By the deadline for payment, your order is completely non-binding, ie you can freely change or cancel your order. The room is still 100% blocked (reserved) for you. See the detailed instructions in our email with the confirmation and summary of your booking - order.
Cancellations can be made simply as a cancellation request in response to our email with confirmation and booking summary.
Even after payment of the deposit, it is, of course, possible to change or cancel the reservation - see our terms.

I have a voucher from the discount portal.
Can I make a reservation? 
  Yes. Detailed instructions for booking with voucher from the discount portal are here.
The free term for Voucher reservation can be checked by default - see the following point.

How can I find a free term of stay?  

The free term can be verified:

A) By filling our booking form, which automatically checks the actual availability of the rooms according to the entered dates and number of persons directly in our hotel system and offers only free rooms. 

B) Or is it possible to check the free term in our online availability calendar.
This calendar shows the current and accurate number of all free rooms for each day directly from our hotel system. Be careful, at the top left you need to change the month to be displayed.

The second method allows you to check the free dates for more than one room at a time.

What does your online reservation mean?

  Our online reservation system on our website always displays and automatically checks the real availability of the rooms for the entered date and the number of people directly in our hotel system when completing the booking form.
If you book your accommodation in our reservation system, your stay is from us 100% and immediately confirmed.Your room reservation is automatically confirmed by our email immediately within one minute of the order completion.The room according the order is automatically and 100% blocked for you in our system.

How should I fill up my order?   Our booking form simply executes the whole order, calculates the number of dinners and the half board and displays other options for ordering additional optional services.
All You need to do, is just fill up the required term of stay and the number of persons.

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